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About Us

My name is Ryan Baine and I love hat pins!

 I've been a member of the pin community collecting and have amassed an epic collection!  However, if there's a pin I'd like to wear or see on my board that doesn't exist yet, I make it and then sell them here for others to enjoy!



Most of the pins I design are inspired by my favorite video games, movies, tv shows, and music.  Many bands and DJ's have hired me to design and produce their official merch such as Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, Badfish, Govinda, Space Jesus, and Yheti.  I also produce for pins for the everyday pinner looking to bring their own design to life!  So if you need pins made, contact me at  



I travel the country vending festivals such as Electric Forest, Wakarusa, and Electric Adventure.  The Baine brand is all about collecting and connecting.  Wether your buying a pin online or in person you receive 1 free pin.  Always!  I'm here to help you start or expand your pin collection but I'm also here to connect with other pinners.  

At the moment there are 200 Golden Ticket Raffle pins floating around in the pin community.  If you see one do your best to buy or trade for it because I call winning numbers every month!  It's the hat pin that keeps on giving! 



As always, keep collecting and connecting! 

Much Love,